Research Integrity Office

RIO Conference 2018

Conference on the Identification, Processing,
Prevention & Cultural Context of Plagiarism

An Office of Research Integrity (ORI) Grant Award: ORIIR170031-01-00

Co-Sponsored by:

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Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday
April 3-5, 2018

The Alexander Hotel - Indianapolis, IN

333 S Delaware Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204


Reserve a room at The Alexander or call 855-200-3002 and reference the group "IU Research Integrity Plagiarism Conference".

There are a limited number of discounted rooms available.

For information on transportation from the airport to the hotel, please visit IIA's Transportation & Car Rental.

Please note:
Airport shuttles do not stop at the conference hotel.  Apologies for any inconvenience. The hotel recommends using a car service (e.g. taxi, Uber).

This conference is an initiative to support the positions of RIO, RIO Support, and RCR Educators to better understand plagiarism from a cultural perspective, while discovering innovative approaches for examining and handling allegations of plagiarism in research both proactively and reactively. The goal of the conference is to provide an interactive discussion that will expand the understanding of cultural variables which may contribute to plagiarism in research and supply practical tools and resources in the handling of plagiarism allegations for Research Integrity Officers. The conference is being held through the support of an Office of Research Integrity (ORI) grant award (#ORIIR170031-01-00).

Planned discussions during the conference intend to provide a comprehensive, workshop-style analysis of plagiarism in relation to the definition of research misconduct and our cultural understanding of plagiarism. The conference will weave together prevention discussions from an RCR Educator’s perspective, while also exploring elements of what a RIO is responsible for and what RIO's encounter when handling research misconduct allegations of plagiarism at the institutional level. The conference discussions will provide resources concerning how to understand plagiarism from a national and international perspective, as well as how the federal government examines plagiarism and trends in their cases. Additional resources concerning how to understand and complete research misconduct case process surrounding plagiarism, approaches to correcting the research record, and institutional guidance on the prevention of plagiarism will be shared.

There is no cost to attend the conference; registration is FREE.

The Steering Committee for this conference includes the following subject matter experts:

  • Lauran Qualkenbush, Director and Research Integrity Officer at Northwestern University
  • Deborah E. Rupp, Ph.D., Research Integrity Officer, Professor William C. Byham Chair in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at Purdue University
  • Jane Strasser, Ph.D., Associate Vice President for Research, Director of the Office of Research Integrity, Research Integrity Officer at the University of Cincinnati
  • Margaret M. Gaffney, M.D., Clinical Associate Professor, Emerita, in the Department of Medicine at Indiana University
  • Shelley Bizila, M.S., C.I.P., Research Integrity Officer at Indiana University
  • Becca Hopson, Research Integrity Senior Project Manager at Indiana University
  • Amy Sandlin, Research Integrity Project Coordinator at Indiana University

Plan Your Time in Indy

  • Day 1 - Get ready for a full first day in Indy! After a full conference day, join us for a fun filled afternoon and evening. Sign up for guided tours of the exhibitions and installations on view at The Alexander Hotel. Learn about how the collaboration between the hotel and the Indianapolis Museum of Art shaped the hotel’s layout and how Alexander Ralston is connected to Indianapolis. Build relationships and make connections by attending the Welcome Reception to be held at the hotel’s vibrant Plat 99. Need dinner plans following the networking session and reception? The conference Steering Committee and other RIO's will host dine-arounds in Indy while continuing the discussion of plagiarism!
  • Day 2 – The second day will be full of breakout sessions with a variety of topics that get into the nuts and bolts of plagiarism, adjudication of plagiarism cases, and preventive tips and discussions. At days end your mind will be full of plagiarism material and ideas! There are many options for your day 2 evening in Indy as guided art tours continue at the hotel. Whether you venture out on your own to one of the many local eateries or join a group of other attendees and continue conversation, we hope you enjoy your last night in Indy.
  • Day 3 – Time to unwind, debrief, and collect your thoughts and materials. This half-day will start out with some nourishment to feed your brain and assist you in continuing final discussions on plagiarism. Before leaving, pick up a thumb drive loaded with Plagiarism conference materials and resources to take with you!

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