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Radiation Safety - Indianapolis

Policies & Procedures

United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Radiation Safety Procedures Manual

The Radiation Safety Procedures Manual has been compiled to present radiation safety policies, procedures, and regulations for Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI) and associated facilities. We all share the responsibility for the protection of all individuals from unnecessary radiation exposure. The policies, procedures, and regulations are necessary to ensure safety and are not intended to interfere with the use of radiation or radioactive materials. Questions related to the policies, procedures, and regulations set forth in this manual should be directed to the Radiation Safety Office, Gatch Hall/Clinical Building Room 159, Phone: 274-4797. Furthermore, copies of the pertinent federal and state regulations, university license, license conditions and supporting documentation, operating procedures, notices of violation, proposed civil penalties or orders and any response to same are available for review in the Radiation Safety Office.

A. Rulemaking/Enforcement Agencies and Committees:

B. Permits/Permit Holders

C. Laboratory Authorization

D. Personnel Authorization

E. Maximum Permissible Radiation Dose Limits for Individuals

F. Personnel Monitoring

G. Ordering, Receipt, and Transfer of Radioactive Material

H. Instrumentation

I. Use of Material

J. Posting and Labeling

K. Surveys

L. Decontamination and Shielding Requirements

M. Radwaste Disposal

N. Radionuclide Inventory and Survey Book

O. Audits By RSO

P. Radiation Emergency Procedures


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