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Promotion of Shawn Axe to Senior Associate Director of
IUPUI Human Subjects Office

December 15, 2014

It is our pleasure to announce Shawn Axe as the new Senior Associate Director for the IU Human Subjects Office (HSO). Shawn joined Indiana University twelve years ago when she and her husband moved from Ohio to Indiana. Prior to joining IU, she worked as a technician and then quality assurance auditor for a contract laboratory that performed medical device safety testing. Her first responsibilities at IU included managing the Biohazard and Bio-safety Committees, as well as performing IRB dues in what was then called Research Compliance Administration.

Over the years, her participation in human subjects grew leading to her promotion to Team Leader in 2005 and then to Associate Director in 2006. During this time, she has played a central and critical role in the development, growth, and improvement of the HSO.

As Senior Associate Director of the HSO, her responsibility and authority will touch on every aspect of IU's program for the protection of human subjects: staff, policy, and integration with non-HSO components of IU's human research protection program. Please join us in welcoming Shawn to her new position!