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New Principal Investigator

Research Integrity Office

Prior to arriving at IU

After arrival at IU

  • Review the IU Anonymous Reporting Hotline
  • Review Informational Materials on the RIO website
  • Review Education offerings through the Research Integrity Office
  • Contact RIO for education on RCR topics
  • Optional:
    • Complete one of the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) RCR Courses
    • Complete the IU Documentation training through
      • In the "Search, Click, Done!" box at the top of the page, type “E Training” and click the search button.
      • In the "Search Results: Tasks" area that populates, click to open "E Training".
      • To login, enter your username and passphrase in the CAS login window that opens.
      • Navigate the menu as follows:
        Catalog > University-wide > VP for Research >
        Research Compliance > Regulated Research >
        IU Documentation Training

Throughout Research Career at IU

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