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New Principal Investigator

Radiation Safety - Indianapolis

After arrival at IUPUI

  • Obtain a copy of the Radiation Safety Procedures Manual and applicable forms from the IUPUI Radiation Safety Office to apply for a Radionuclide Use Permit.
  • Once you receive your contact information, lab/office location assignments, you can now complete your Radionuclide Use Permit protocol forms and formally submit it to the Radiation Safety Office. See the Radiation Safety Getting Started page.
  • Your permit application will be reviewed by the Radiation Safety Office and members of the Radionuclide Radiation Safety Committee (RRSC).
  • You will need to complete the required Radiation Safety Office training, based upon your past training and experience.  Both the permit approval and the training must be completed before you are officially approved for work.
  • If you hire any other researchers and/or staff that will be on your Radionuclide Use Permit, you can now have them complete the Rad. Safety A-3 Form, Authorization to Use Radioactive Material, and training. When adding new radionuclide labs, you will need to complete the Rad. Safety A-4 Form, Application for New Radionuclide Lab Approval.

Throughout Research Career at IUPUI

  • Provide all relevant updates to your Radionuclide Use Permit via amendments and continuing reviews. See the Radiation Safety Forms page.
  • Renew your Radionuclide Use Permit one year after initial approval and every two years thereafter when Rad. Safety A-6 Form, Progress Report, and copy of permit are sent to you.
  • Be familiar with IUPUI Radiation Safety Procedures Manual.
  • Continue annual retraining with the IUPUI Radiation Safety Retraining Sheets, review the Radiation Safety Newsletters, and Important Notices and complete any required tasks. 
  • Contact the IUPUI Radiation Safety Office for assistance if you need any help or have any questions via the contact information to the right of this page.
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