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New Principal Investigator

Radiation Safety - Bloomington

Prior to arriving at IU

  • Review IUB Radiation Safety Manual, including procedures and forms for authorization.
  • Instruct students and staff in your research group to also review the information at the Radiation Safety Website.
  • Register for the first available Radiation Safety Orientation which you (and your students and staff) will be attending.
  • Coordinate with Building Facility Manager to ensure that your assigned laboratory space meets the criteria for radioactive material use (see Radiation Safety Manual), including the ability to secure materials from unauthorized access (in open suite labs).

After arrival at IU

  • Submit your completed application to the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO), if you have not already done so.
  • Arrange for a meeting with the RSO to review your proposed use of radioactive material, facility issues, and safety and emergency procedures.
  • Ensure that you (and your students and staff) complete all requirements for authorization (in addition to submitting applications, attend Radiation Safety Orientation, submit a completed Radiation Safety Exam, and complete “In-Lab Safety Procedure Review” with Radiation Safety Specialist).

Throughout Research Career at IU

  • Review your Radioactive Material Authorization periodically and submit amendment requests as necessary to reflect changes in your authorized use (all Authorizations must be renewed in their entirety once each year). Amendments (including the addition of new personnel) must be granted before the changes are implemented.
  • Respond promptly with appropriate corrective action to address any problems noted by Radiation Safety staff during quarterly audits and monthly contamination surveys.
  • Ensure that your students and staff maintain continued awareness of required procedures for safety, security, contamination control, and radioactive waste management.
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