New Principal Investigator

Institutional Biosafety Committee

Prior to arriving at IU

  • Review the Biosafety Manual IUB | .pdf IUPUI
  • If you have ALL contact information (i.e. phone numbers) and lab/office locations assigned, you can formally submit your IBC protocol.
  • Instruct all other researchers and staff that you anticipate will be listed on your IBC protocol to complete the necessary online biosafety training (i.e. Bloodborne Pathogens).
  • Contact either the IBC administrator or biosafety office for guidance via the contact information to the right of this page.

After arrival at IU

  • If you were able to formally submit your IBC protocol prior to your arrival, nothing is immediately required of you.
  • If you receive your contact information and lab/office location assignments upon arrival, you can now complete your IBC protocol submission form and formally submit it to the IBC.
  • If you hire any other researches and/or staff that will be on your IBC protocol, you can now have them complete the required online biosafety training (i.e. Bloodborne Pathogens).

Throughout Research Career at IU

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