Institutional Biosafety Committee

Getting Started

A completed Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) protocol submission form must be submitted to, and approved by, the IBC before any work involving biohazards may begin.

What needs to reviewed?

Link: Basic Steps Diagram

All research utilizing recombinant DNA or synthetic nucleic acid molecules must adhere strictly to the NIH Guidelines. Learn More >

What do you need to prepare for submission?

Link: Basic Steps Diagram

Prior to submitting an IBC protocol, the principal investigator should ensure all personnel have read and understood the proposed research and that they are either up-to-date with required training or scheduled to complete required training. Learn More >

What are my responsibilities?

The IU-Bloomington IBC and the principal investigator each have specific responsibilities (Sec. IV-B-2 and Sec. IV-B-7 respectively, NIH Guidelines) in assuring that biosafety concerns are identified and appropriately addressed throughout the research process. Learn More >

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