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Animal Care & Use Indianapolis School of Medicine

Submission & Review

Approved protocols will remain active for three (3) years. At the end of that period, a new protocol application form must be completed and submitted as a new protocol. The new protocol must be on file and approved before the three (3) year expiration date of the expiring protocol.

All participants listed on the protocol are required to complete CITI training prior to protocol approval.

IACUC Application

  1. Complete the IACUC Animal Protocol Review Form. If this is a breeding protocol, please submit the Breeding Form as well. These forms can be found on the Forms page.
  2. Email your application to
  3. The e-mail must come from the PI’s e-mail address.

School of Science

  1. The IUSM IACUC will accept completed, approved protocols from the IU School of Science.
  2. Email your application to
  3. The e-mail must come from the PI’s e-mail address.

Veteran's Administration

  1. If the study will be funded by the Veteran's Administration, the External link Animal Component of Research Protocol (ACORP) must be used. Click to obtain instructions and a blank form.
  2. If any of the research activities will be conducted completely or partially in Veteran’s Administration (VA) facilities, or conducted in approved off-site locations and facilities by VA researchers while on VA time, the ACORP is not a requirement; however, approval is required from the Veterans Administration Research & Development Committee.
  3. Email your application with all referenced attachments (ie, Breeding Form) to
  4. The e-mail must come from the PI’s e-mail address.

Animals and Biohazardous Materials

Use of biohazardous materials, toxins or recombinant DNA in animals requires approval by the Institutional Biosafety Committee

Supporting Documentation

You may need the following documents to prepare your IACUC application.

  • AVMA Euthanasia Guidelines - The guidelines are available at by clicking on the dark blue Issues bar.
  • Guide to Search for Alternatives - available on the Policies & Resources page
  • Breeding Form - available on the Forms page

Amending or Continuing Your IACUC Protocol

For protocol on the word form, to continue or amend, contact the School of Medicine IACUC, via the information listed under 'Contact Us' to the left of this page, to receive the most recent protocol. Track your changes and then email the protocol back to the IACUC administrator.

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