Compliance Services

Animal Care & Use - Bloomington - BIACUC

The Bloomington Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (BIACUC) is charged with oversight of the animal use program on the IUB campus. The committee is legally and ethically responsible for ensuring that all animal work is compliant with federal, state, and local law as well as university policy regulating animal use in research and teaching.

The Indiana University Bloomington campus is an accredited member of AAALAC International.

Below are the basic steps of the BIACUC process:

Lifecycle Basic Steps

1. What needs reviewed?

All research or teaching activities that involve a live vertebrate...

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2. Pre-Submission

  • BIACUC training module and test
  • Occupational Health Program
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3. New Studies

Submit your form and learn about the review process

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4. Amending an Existing     Protocol

  • Administrative Amendments
  • Major Amendments
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5. Reviews and

  • Three-year Renewal
  • Annual Review
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