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Animal Care & Use Bloomington

Policies, Guidance & Regulations


Statement of Values and Vision - Bloomington IACUC

BIACUC Mission

The IACUC Committee at Bloomington promotes the humane care and use of laboratory animals by providing information that will enhance animal well-being, the quality of research, and the advancement of scientific knowledge that is relevant to both humans and animals. All who care for, use, or produce animals for research, testing or teaching must assume responsibility for their well-being. Use of animals comes with great responsibility.

Therefore, animal research must be planned to use appropriate species, animals of high quality and appropriate animal numbers. Animal research should reduce or minimize discomfort, pain, and distress. We must ensure that humane end points of experiments are established; appropriate pain relief (sedation, analgesia, anesthesia and supportive measures) are employed; animals are cared for by qualified people; and experiments should be conducted by highly trained personnel under close supervision. We also look for all opportunities to implement the three Rs:  (read more...)



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