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Animal Care & Use Bloomington

Getting Started

A completed animal use protocol application must be submitted to, and approved by, the BIACUC before any work involving animals may begin. Please allow two months for this process if this a new study.

What needs to reviewed?

Link: Basic Steps Diagram

All research or teaching activities that involve a live vertebrate species must be reviewed and approved by the BIACUC prior to beginning work. Learn More >

What do you need to prepare for submission?

Link: Basic Steps Diagram

Prior to submitting an animal use protocol application, the PI must be aware of federal, state, and university regulations governing animal work on the IUB campus, as well as assure the safety and proper training of all personnel who will be using animals. Learn More >

What are my responsibilities?

The BIACUC and the PI each have specific responsibilities in assuring the
well-being and humane treatment of animals use in research. Learn More >

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