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Animal Care & Use Bloomington

Amending an Existing Protocol

Any change to an existing Animal Care and Use Protocol must be reviewed and approved by the BIACUC prior to implementing the revision.

Major amendments should incorporate the proposed changes to the study into the most recent version of the approved protocol, producing a modified document. Preferably, use the Track Changes function within MS Word to introduce highlighted text. If this is not an option, then highlight all proposed changes to the protocol. Please note that the proposed changes may also require the removal of text that describes procedures that will no longer be used; this should be indicated by using the MS Word text strike-through feature (i.e., feature).

Major amendments may be submitted at any time. Amendments are held for a minimum of two, business days to allow BIACUC Members an opportunity to review the submission(s). Reference External Link PHS Policy IV.C.2.


Basic Steps Step 1: What needs to be reviewed? Step 2: Pre-Submission Step 3: New Studies Step 5: Reviews & Renewals
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