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Human Subjects

Meeting Schedule

The IU IRBs do not utilize deadlines. Items which require review by the convened IRB are scheduled to the next available meeting based on timing of receipt, completion of pre-review, and expertise of the Boards.

HSO staff will notify study teams of the upcoming review date when items are scheduled for a meeting.

All IRBs Meeting Schedule:

Social/Behavioral/Educational IRBs:

IU has two social/behavioral/educational (SBE) IRBs, one in Bloomington and one in Indianapolis.

IUB IRB — 3rd Thursday of the month
IRB-01 — 4th Friday of the month

Biomedical IRBs:

IU has four biomedical IRBs that meet monthly in Indianapolis.

IRB-02 — 2nd Tuesday of the month
IRB-03 — 1st Thursday of the month
IRB-04 — 3rd Tuesday of the month
IRB-05 — 4th Wednesday of the month
IRB-07 — ad hoc (convened as needed)

Other Committee Review Schedules:

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