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Human Subjects

Request to Close an IRB Protocol

From the Kuali Enterprise Dashboard:

  1. Click KC IRB from the left-hand navigation bar.
  2. Click Request to Close an IRB Protocol from the list of KC IRB Activities.
  3. Click perform action on the row displaying the protocol for which you need to close.
  4. From the Protocol Actions tab, under the Request an Action panel, click show for the Request to Close section.
  5. Click show for the Closeout Report section.
  6. Complete the questions as they appear. Click update to save your work.
  7. Important: The last step you should take before submitting your Request to Close is to attach any required documents, e.g. DSMB report, deviation report, etc., to the Attachments section above the Closeout Report section.
    1. In the Attachments section, click [Browse] to find the document.
    2. Click add.
  8. To submit the report, click submit.

If you receive a notification from KC (or directly from the HSO) requesting additional information or revisions, follow these instructions to respond:

Access your KC IRB Protocol

Click to view >

Access & Address Screener Comments and Attachments

Click to view >

To Revise the Closeout Report Questionnaire in KC IRB

Click to view >