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Human Subjects

Overview of the KC IRB Activities

When you access the Kuali Financials & Research (KFS) Dashboard and click on KC IRB located in the left-hand navigation bar, a list of Activities you can perform will be displayed.

Below are the most popular activities you may use:

Search Protocols: Click this link to bring up the search engine to look for an existing protocol/submission. This includes any pending submissions (i.e., Amendments, FYIs, Renewals) that have not yet been approved by the IRB.


Create IRB Protocol: Click this link to create a new protocol application.


Amend or Renew IRB Protocol: Click this link to request revisions to an existing approved protocol (i.e. Amend or Renewal).


Submit a Reportable Event: Click this link to submit notification of a promptly reportable event to an existing protocol.


All My Protocols: Click this link to access a list of all protocols on which you are listed.

Protocols Returned to PI: Click this link to access a list of all protocols/submissions that have been pre-reviewed by a Human Subjects Office staff member and require action on your part.

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