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Since the implementation of KC IRB, notifications and reminders about research protocols have been sent to investigators through the IU Action List, and from there, forwarded to the IU-provided email address affiliated with their IU computing account. Effective 11/1/2016, all KC IRB notifications and reminders will go directly to your IU-provided email and bypass the Action List. The emails will look different than the forwarded Action List email.

Previous Notification Process:

Action taken in KC → Notification generated

  1. Notification appears in your Action List:
  2. AND

  3. If you have your Action List configured to send notifications to your email address, you receive the below email:

New/Current Notification Process:

Action taken in KC → Notification generated

  1. Notification sent directly to your email address.
  2. Please Note:

    • This functionality is already being utilized during the pre-review process when a protocol is returned (i.e. Return to PI) for additional information.
    • These notifications no longer appear in your Action List.
    • A direct link to the protocol is included in the email.
    • You may need to edit any rules you have set-up in Outlook to manage these types of emails. For example, if you have emails to your IU email address forwarded to another email address, or if you have the previous Action List notifications sent to a specific folder within Outlook.
    • The Subject Line of these emails will include your Protocol # and a reference to the type of action that was taken. Examples:
      • Protocol 1610583628 Submitted to IRB
      • Protocol 1610583628 Expedited Approval
      • Renewal Reminder for Protocol #1610583628

Please contact with any questions or concerns.

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