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New Two-Step Login to Access KC IRB - Effective February 2nd, 2017

IU University Information Technology Services (UITS) has announced a new authentication procedure for accessing all IU applications via the IU Central Authentication Service (CAS), including KC IRB.

Effective February 2, 2017 all student employees, faculty, staff and affiliates will be required to perform a two-step (Duo Authentication) login process when logging into CAS. This new requirement is in response to increased email phishing and online scams targeting several universities, including IU. The process will add a second layer of security when logging into the IUIE secure system and help prevent anyone but you from logging in.

  • If you are IU faculty, staff, or student – the Duo authentication will apply to any/all CAS-secured IU systems. You should have already received communications directly from UITS with regard to establishing a Duo login.
  • If you are an affiliate of IU – (e.g., IU Health, Eskenazi, Roudebush VA, Regenstrief employee) who has been granted an IU affiliate account for the purposes of accessing KC IRB or serving as an IRB member, please note you will need to take steps to establish a Duo login:

What is KC IRB?

Kuali Coeus (KC) IRB is an IU-hosted, web-based system for data entry and management of IRB submissions. It is protected by CAS authentication and can only be accessed by those with an IU computing account (username and passphrase). All IRB submissions are made via KC IRB, and the Human Subjects Office (HSO) uses KC IRB to manage submissions and maintain information about IRB committees and members.

You will need to access KC IRB if:

  • You are Principal Investigator for research reviewed by the IU IRBs
  • You will be creating and submitting research applications to the IU IRBs for review (whether on your own or on behalf of another)
  • You wish to receive notifications of actions taken on a KC IRB Protocol (e.g., approvals or renewal reminders)
  • You need to view study approval dates or other study information for a particular research protocol or group of protocols

You must have an IU computing account in order to access KC IRB. If you do not have an IU computing account, please see "Obtaining an IU Computing Account" below.

Obtaining an IU Computing Account

If you do not have an IU computing account and require one in order to access KC IRB, the IU Human Subjects Office (HSO) can request one for you. Please visit the IU Affiliate Account webpage to complete the necessary information to request an account. The HSO will contact you when your account has been created and provide you with further instructions.

If you are not sure whether you (or someone else) has an IU computing account, you may search the IU Address Book. If a search result is returned, the person has an an IU computing account.

If you have an IU computing account but do not know your passphrase, please visit the IU Knowledge Base at How do I reset my IU passphrase? for instructions on resetting your passphrase.

Instructional Guides

Instructional Guides are available here for assistance in using KC IRB

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