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Conflict of Interest

Management / Resolution

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Outside Financial Interest Resolution

When the COI Committee has determined that an outside interest could potentially rise to the level of a conflict, they will recommend that the outside financial interest be reduced, eliminated or managed.

The impact an outside financial interest has on an individual's research may be reduced in some instances by decreasing the individual's role in a particular entity or placing the interest into a trust, among other techniques. When sufficiently serious, the COI Committee may recommend elimination of the outside interest or relationship.

In most instances, an outside financial interest can be addressed through the use of a detailed management plan. These management plans are designed to protect the researcher and to comply with the applicable University policies and federal law. Management plans take the form of an agreement with a researcher confirming that the researcher understands the policies that govern the researcher's activity at Indiana University, and it may set out requirements that are tailored to the researcher's specific activity at the University or outside interest.

.doc COI Committee Review of Management Strategies

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